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Our techniques on starting & running a membership site feature in June "Work From Home Magazine!"

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MembershipSiteAdvisor makes 'cover story' in the nation wide AB&MMO Magazine! Full article coming soon.
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What others are saying

I made $178 today!

It is very early days at the moment I have just launched my membership site, but yes I have paying subscribers that resulted from them listening to my podcasts. My site is up and running - I made $178 dollars today.
Nick Kemp Japan/Australia

My First Paying Subscriber

Now that we're fully launched....I'd also like to send out my thanks to - the right [advice] at the right time to bring Quantum Comics across the finish line. It's Ansel's resources and able assistance that have made all the difference in getting Quantum out to you for real. I just got my first paying subscriber."
Joe Fludd, USA

From Zero to 3000 paying subscribers in 7 months

I am a partner in a membership site, and was curious to see how close we had done things, compared to how you feel things should be done. We have enjoyed a degree of success with our first attempt. I am very anxious to put another site together combining our experience with 5scom, with some of the new found information from your site. I look forward to implementing some of your ideas.
Jon Myers

I would still be putsing around trying to get my website set up for subscriptions if it were not for your resources

If subscription websites catch on the way I anticipate then people need to know that your product works! It's always nice to know when you are doing things right and that is why I am writing you.
First, you are offering a great service, product and solution to those of us that don't have the knowledge to make use of PayPal's unix based subscriber website product. That in and of itself is worth the price of admission.
Second, you were knowledgeable about the product and quick to respond to my questions and concerns. That was comforting considering some of the garbage being offered on the net and it resulted in a sale for you.
Thanks again for being there. I would still be putsing around trying to get my website set up for subscriptions if it were not for [your resources].
Dennis Regan, USA

You've done a really superb job on this

I was very impressed with your site and so I decided to subscribe. Your content is excellent.
I will be launching my own membership site. I'm currently working very hard on my own content.... have my full permission to use my testimonial and any future comments I make regarding your site. You've done a really superb job on this. I'm really looking forward to your E-Video series. It's so nice to know that us membership site owners aren't alone!
Daniel Nelson
United Kingdom

Famed marketing legend says "I've been afraid to go back because...

Your site is fantastic! I was so excited reading all the excellent articles and following through on the resources that I wasn't able to get anything else done! In fact, I'm been afraid to go back because I know it'll just spark another series of great ideas and I won't be able to get my other stuff done. But, I'll be back. And soon. I can feel the "magnatism" of the site pulling me now...OK, well look, I've got to end off here so I can explore the site that you've got me thinking about it.
Carl Galletti

Are you passionate about a topic?

Here's how to turn it into your own paid membership website...

Want to sell online content with your own membership site?

And earn ongoing recurring income from subscribers? My very first attempt at running a membership site still made me over $27,000 in the last few months (without paid advertising). Now it took some work to set it up, but it continues to produce every month.


What is a Membership Web Site?

Essentially, a membership site is when anyone pays to access information you publish in a password protected area on your site. You can offer exclusive articles, information, or even a service (like software, games, ebooks, or music). This site teaches you how to start and market your own membership web site.
People are willing to pay for online content. In fact, the "Online Publishers Association" revealed that pay-for content is emerging as a hot revenue model. Get paid to turn your hobby, specialized knowledge, or profession into a membership web site.

People are willing to pay for online content. In fact, the "Online Publishers Association" revealed that pay-for content is emerging as a hot revenue model. Get paid to turn your hobby, specialized knowledge, or profession into a membership web site.

Fact: US Internet users alone spent over 2 billion dollars last year for Online Content!

The Latest Articles

(new) Building an Adsense Driven Membership Site:

Which generates more income - A free membership site monetized by Adsense, a paid membership site, or a combination of the two (for example, offering a free membership with ads or an upgraded paid membership without ads)? We put the ad driven membership sites to the test, to find out which is the most effective...

Inside a million dollar a year membership site:

ChadWhere does the owner of this million dollar a year membership site focus his time? Where does he run his ads? How does he generate hundreds of thousands of visitors? Our exclusive interview reveals exactly how this health guru is doing it all from home...

Advanced Membership site strategies and techniques:

How do you take your membership site to the next level? What turns an average site into a hugely successful site? Here's how to roll-out your membership site and dominate your market...

Case Study Interview: $1 Million in revenue, testing a marketing idea:

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin runs a highly successful membership site that researches and "discovers what really works" online. Studying and testing hundreds of industries, one of their latest "test sites" generated over $1 million in revenue using 'ebay' marketing to draw traffic. We find out how he gets subscribers....

New eVideo - How to start a Paid Membership Site:

Watch us create a membership site from scratch and yield its very first sale online - right before your eyes. From idea to cash-flow producing business, you'll come behind the scenes and see us search for a viable topic, design the site, set up our member management and password protection, credit card processing, develop the package, advertise online (watch us write and place the ads online, on a budget), put joint venture deals into place, and make our very first sale! If you've ever wanted someone to sit down beside you and show you exactly how to launch a paid membership site from scratch, this is it! ....

Case Study Interview: From zero to 3,000 paying subscribers in 7 months:

Jon Myers gets straight to the point in this very direct interview on how he runs and promotes his Membership site. With more than 170 new sign-ups each week, Jon and his business partner John Davenport, offer one the largest downloads of movies, music and games online...

Website Templates - your own membership website in 30 minutes:

Don't have a membership website yet? Then you'll want to take a look at our newly released series of Membership Templates that you have the right to use. It will give you the basic layout, where to place the graphics, example graphics, where to put your copy, and what to say. You can literally have your membership site up in about 30 minutes, or less!....

Write Anything up to 10 times faster - Hollywood screenwriter shows how...:

jeffbollowsmallExclusive Interview: Use this Hollywood screenwriter's unique 'FAST' method to write anything in record time. Published author Jeff Bollow shows you how to boost your writing skills by up to 10 times and tackle any size project without a problem...

Interview: Greg Helmstetter of - A successful membership model that prospers in any economy:

Behind the scenes with, a membership website that helps subscribers achieve their goals. Learn how they continue to build a membership base and prospered during the troubled economy of September 11th. Greg Helmstetter reveals their successful membership business model...

How to double your Membership site revenue without increasing your overheads - we did it in less than 60 days:

How do you increase revenue without increasing costs? 1. Select back-end products that your subscribers will buy. 2. Use low-key promotional strategies to introduce products to subscribers. However, choosing the wrong back-end product can not only cost you additional sales, but damage current customer relationships. Here's how we doubled our revenue by strategically...

The Tool Box: A resource rolodex for membership site publishers:

Do you want to blast your company's press release to over 60,000 media contacts? How about an automatic joint venture partner that specializes in selling subscriptions to over 380 different membership sites? Or a searchable list of successful membership sites on just about any topic? What about a research tool that uncovers valuable information others are missing?...

Membership Site Make-Over: How we transformed a 'good looking' site into a 'good sales' site:

'Before and after' real-life examples can offer the best lessons. We took an established, well designed site and transformed it into one that will actually sell subscriptions. The importance of an 'exciting offer' and 'excellent copy' are demonstrated here...

Active subscribers - Active Cash Flow:

Getting members to actually 'do something' in your members only area can boost subscriptions, and your cash flow. Surveys, flash tutorials, audio files, downloads, tools, etc. not only add excellent value to your site, but more importantly give members that 'instant gratification' feeling. So how do you create them in a short amount of time with zero costs?...

Name your income - how to 'crack the code' of product, price and promotion:

Reaching your desired income level (within reason) becomes achievable when you learn how to crack the marketing code...

Getting and keeping subscribers:

Learn the latest methods for finding new subscribers, target marketing, and traffic building strategies. Once you've got them here's how to keep them...

Audio Interview: Creating a membership site:

How to create your site from scratch, even if you have no technical or specialized knowledge. Tools you should use...

Give your website the professional touch - 100 FREE professional object photos & clip art:

Adding professional photos to your site can increase your sales by...

Picking hot topics to launch a membership site:

The majority of your membership's site success will depend on the topic you pick. Here's what's hot and how to pick a revenue producer...

Make Audio Files Like A Pro, with this Free Software Tool:

Add unique value to your membership site: Online audio tapes are becoming very popular and profitable for the online publisher. This free software tool turns your computer into a professional recording studio - the same software used by TV, film and CD production companies...

Setting up a Joint Venture/Viral Marketing combination to market your membership site:

Marry these two powerful marketing techniques and you'll have the perfect overnight - zero cost lead generating system. We used it to generate over $20,000 in profits without running a single ad. The trick is...

Getting exclusive content from experts & speaking with famous people:

You'd be surprised what contacts you can make we you own a membership site. We've interviewed millionaires to world champion athletes...

Audio Interview - $4,000 a month with my first Membership Site:

This exclusive interview goes into detail on how the editors of launched a membership site (unrelated to this one) almost over night. Learn how they got hundreds of subscribers with zero cost advertising (not search engines), how they set up their lead generation system, what credit card processing was used...

Set up your entire password protected membership site and credit card processing in 3 minutes at zero cost:

Want to get your membership area up and running (including credit card processing) in 3 minutes - with no set-up fees. There's only one small limitation...

Get a steady stream of referrals from your subscribers:

Should you pay your subscribers to refer new customers, or should you just ask them? As much as 70% of new business comes from...
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Free Member Site Software

MemberSmart Pro

FREE SOFTWARE : This is the same software we use to run almost all of our membership sites (and we own a lot of membership sites).

Purchase a one year subscription to Membership Site Advisor and you will receive MemberSmart Pro. This is a fully functional version. The exact same software that sells on for $179. This powerful software now comes FREE, but only with a one year subscription (not available to 3 month memberships).

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